NYC Classic Twist

April 14, 2014


Being a New Yorker, I find myself to be very knowledgeable of one of NYC’s most famous foods, pizza.  I have had the best pizza around and find myself being very selective, and protective of our food!  However, sometimes change is good, and it can be fun to “re-invent” the wheel, sort of speak.  Of course, my go to girl, Rachael Ray, had her twist (no pun intended) on this NYC classic, that you can check out here.  I went to once of my favorites, Trader Joe’s, and used there garlic herb pizza dough, pizza sauce, and chicken sausage.  You can pick and choose your flavors and ingredients, but I thought this was a fun party snack, and fun twist on a classic we all know and love.

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Be Bold

April 13, 2014

atlanta fire eater (2)

Whenever we have a photoshoot, I am always picking our stylist’s and makeup artist’s brain, on the hottest trends, and best beauty products.  This time, I fell in love with the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.  It’s pretty much lipstick in a stick form.  I think they are great because when you are using bolder colors, the stick helps you be more precise and outline your lips nicely.  It’s much better then the thick lipstick tubes.  When I wanted a bold red lip, and I was using a lipstick tube, I had to outline my lips with a pencil first, and then clean the edges with concealer.  It was such an unnecessary process and a pain to up keep.  These stick are long lasting, easy to use, and sexy!  And if you want your lips to be a little glossy, just add a topcoat of clear gloss, and voila!

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Colorful Classics

April 12, 2014


I’m finally breaking out my David Yurman, 30th Anniversary, limited edition color cable bracelet.  Now that it’s warm out, and I can start looking cute again, I put more effort into completing my whole ensemble.  Goodbye leggings, sweaters, and Uggs, and hello sexy Spring outfits, and fun jewelry!  At first, I didn’t really like them, I liked the classic cable bracelets more, but I got one as a gift, in the green, and it has grown on me.  I would have loved the pave diamond one (a girl can dream right?), but I am happy I was able to capture a piece that represents a pretty important time in fashion history.

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April 11, 2014


Although I am not able to attend this year, I still put together my Coachella look.  It felt wrong not to.  I love the vibe of Coachella, more then any other music festival.  It is so chill, and I love the bohemian chic look everyone takes over.  I am really not your typical Free People, bohemian, girl, so it’s fun to sort of play dress up in a way, and wear something you normally wouldn’t.  This year, I kept it simple with my Urban Outfitters Mid-Rise Shortie Shorts, Free People Mystic Top, and my Sam Edelman Georgia Cutout Sandals.  I went for a very easy, light, and effortless look.  I also, paired this outfit with my Ray Ban Aviators, a Prima Donna Judo Arrow leather bracelet, and of course my olivia + joy Kindred Crossbody.

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Behind the Scenes

April 10, 2014


I know we have posted pictures of behind the scenes from our photoshoots on our Instagram, but we never spoke about our photoshoots; and since we were getting some questions about them, I thought it would be a good idea to give you all some background information.

Most of the time we shoot in Brooklyn, and luckily we had the opportunity to shoot at the one and only Brooklyn Blonde’s studio.  It was a really awesome studio.  It had a DJ booth, a mini bar, very cool antiques, and a killer view of Manhattan from her rooftop.  The space itself was so much fun to be in, that it didn’t make it seem like what we were doing was work at all.  The crew we used, was the same as always.  Photographer, photographer’s assistant, our creative director for the site and his crew, along with hair and makeup, Brooklyn Blonde (wardrobe stylist), and of course the model.  We shot ecommerce shots and lifestyle, both indoors and outdoors.  We got really lucky that it was such a gorgeous day in the BK.  I personally love the photoshoots.  It is one of my favorite parts of my job.  I think it is really amazing to see our ideas come to life, and finally be on our site when the time comes.  Check at our Instagram, @oliviaandjoy for more behind the scenes shots and videos from yesterdays shoot!

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Hit That Note

April 9, 2014


Being that I live in NYC, I don’t really listen to the radio anymore, and I am perfectly okay with that.  All they do is play the same mainstream songs, over, and over again.  I am always on the hunt for new artists, and recently I came across, Betty Who.  This 22 year old, Australian Pop singer, has become the next big thing in pop music, recently signing with RCA Records, and redefining how young women build careers in the very competitive pop world.  Her self-released single, “Somebody Loves You,”  has already hit No. 1 on Billboard’s dance/club song chart, and her Flash Dance inspired video, has become viral.  Her music is fun, the kind of music that makes you want to sing out loud, and dance, no matter who’s watching.  It is feel good music, that instantly puts a smile on your face!

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Karl’s Must Have

April 8, 2014


I am a huge fan of the Diptyque candles.  I love the simplicity of the glass containers and their logo.  I also, love the scents. They are so soothing and they really fill up the room nicely, not in an overpowering way.  Karl Lagerfeld, chose the Diptyque Opopanex candle, as one of his Must Haves.  I bought mine at Barney’s, but you will get much more of a variety from their site.  You can find so many other candle scents, along with home fragrances, body and face care, and so much more.  This is a nice treat for yourself, and a great gift as well!

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How To…Rock Your BF’s Jeans

April 7, 2014



We all know this trend might have been inspired by the men in our lives, but it definitely was not to attract them!  It is a proven fact that men actually hate this trend that we have fallen in love, and us women don’t care, because 9 times out of 10, we dress for women, not for men.  I love my boyfriend jeans.  They are extremely comfortable and so versatile.  Sometimes, I wear them with a more a casual outfit, t-shirt, and sneakers; other times I like to rock a cute crop top and some pumps, for a going out look.  You really can’t lose with boyfriend jeans, either way, day or night, casual or dressy, you can perfect this look and be fierce!

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Sunday Funday

April 6, 2014


In honor of the NCAA Final Four that took place yesterday, I have decided to compile a list of my top 7 songs you hear at almost every sporting event:

1. “Start Me Up” – Rolling Stones

2. “Welcome To The Jungle” – Guns N’ Roses

3. “Walk This Way” – Aerosmith

4. “Thunderstruck” – ACDC

5. “Tony Montana” – Future

6. “Empire State of Mind” – Jay Z

7. “Bring Em Out” T.I.

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Crazy, Sexy, Cool

April 5, 2014


“I admire anyone with their own sense of personal style.”

-Nicole Richie

I think throughout all the ups and downs Nicole Richie went through in her personal life, she always stayed true to herself.  She might not have always made the best decisions, but she stood by them regardless.  Now, she has grown into a mature, fashion icon, and someone to look up to.  I admire her for what she has become, a mother, designer, and business woman.  I love her fun sense of humor and her style.  She always looks on point, whether she’s dropping her kids off at school or walking the red carpet.

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