Be Bold

April 13, 2014

atlanta fire eater (2)

Whenever we have a photoshoot, I am always picking our stylist’s and makeup artist’s brain, on the hottest trends, and best beauty products.  This time, I fell in love with the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.  It’s pretty much lipstick in a stick form.  I think they are great because when you are using bolder colors, the stick helps you be more precise and outline your lips nicely.  It’s much better then the thick lipstick tubes.  When I wanted a bold red lip, and I was using a lipstick tube, I had to outline my lips with a pencil first, and then clean the edges with concealer.  It was such an unnecessary process and a pain to up keep.  These stick are long lasting, easy to use, and sexy!  And if you want your lips to be a little glossy, just add a topcoat of clear gloss, and voila!

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