Crazy, Sexy, Cool

April 5, 2014


“I admire anyone with their own sense of personal style.”

-Nicole Richie

I think throughout all the ups and downs Nicole Richie went through in her personal life, she always stayed true to herself.  She might not have always made the best decisions, but she stood by them regardless.  Now, she has grown into a mature, fashion icon, and someone to look up to.  I admire her for what she has become, a mother, designer, and business woman.  I love her fun sense of humor and her style.  She always looks on point, whether she’s dropping her kids off at school or walking the red carpet.

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March 22, 2014


“Happiness is the secret to all beauty.  There is no beauty without happiness.”

– Christian Dior

Not only do I love Christian Dior, but I love this quote.  I think it is very true.  Coming from the world of fashion, where outer appearance is everything, it’s nice to take time to maintain your inner beauty as well, and make yourself happy.  Besides for being with my friends, traveling, etc., I love to take time during the week, and even on the weekends, to practice yoga.  It is not only a great workout, but it is a great way to center yourself, relax, and yes, be happy!  I always feel so cleansed after leaving class.  I make sure I always make my Sunday afternoon class, this way I can start my week off right.

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Women Are From Venus

March 13, 2014


“Never look for someone to ‘complete you’, a la Jerry Maguire. You’d better make damn sure you are whole, happy, and healed before you attempt to love anyone else.”

Clearly, times have changed for women.  We have been given rights, a voice, and responsibilities, that women from our history could only dream of having.  There are so many strong women today, of all ages, ethnicities, among other things; that us women should all find extremely inspiring to accomplish our goals, and live our lives.  One actress that I love, both on camera and off is, Gabriel Union.   I think she is classic, poised, and very intelligent.  She recently did an article in Glamour Magazine, and this quote, yet a bit cliche, stood out to me.  I think women, young and old, tend to lose their self worth in order to avoid being alone.  We all have been guilty of this at some point in our lives, but we need to look out for ourselves, and what we need first, before moving on, and finding that someone special.  Ladies, we all need to listen to some Beyonce, to raise our spirits and know we’re FLAWLESS!

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Style Goddess

February 22, 2014


“I think life is about falling in love with the right person, shopping, eating your favorite decadent desserts, and traveling a lot.” – Olivia Palermo


I couldn’t have said it better myself!  I know that I have many obsessions, but Olivia Palermo is on the top of my list.  I think she is one of the most poised, put together, and stylish human beings to ever walk the planet!  She is so chic and classic.  Olivia Palermo is truly a fashion icon. Love her!

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Girl’s Night

January 22, 2014


I know for a fact that everyone spent a lot of their nights watching what I like to call, the bible.  Sex and The City, was a fun and fashionable story of a writer living in NYC, dealing with the everyday “struggles” of the classic NYC girl.  Small apartments, small closets, fashion, work, and of course heartache.  Personally, I was a Samantha fan, but I obviously had so much love for, The Carrie Bradshaw.  Her sense of style, her spunk, and how she owned every situation, made her one of the most lovable characters on this show.  Her quote, “I like my money where I can see it…Hanging in my closet,” is one of my favorite quotes, and is something I still quote today.  I am so excited for my girls night tonight.  Sex and The City, chinese food, and my girls…doesn’t get much better then that!

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Girls Life

December 12, 2013


“I’m fascinated by the way that a great bag can help a woman step into a role.”

– Anya Hindmarch

I couldn’t agree more with this quote from Anya Hindmarch.  It is that feeling, that she is describing, that made me fall in love with fashion, and most importantly handbags.  Growing up I always loved looking at models and celebrities.  Seeing what they were wearing, how they did their hair, and how they carried themselves.  I would spend hours going through my closet, trying to emulate them in every way.  I remember one time I was playing dress up at my grandmother’s house and she gave me one her Chanels (to play with) and I felt like a totally different person.  At that moment, nobody could bring me down, I was unstoppable!  Today, myself, and everyone else at olivia + joy work very hard in giving each and everyone of our customers that same feeling.  We want to make you feel the most confident about yourself and your style!

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Say What?

November 30, 2013



“Bad news is, time flies.  Good news is, you’re the pilot.” – Michael Altschuler

I cannot believe it is December 1st already.  I feel like it was only a month ago I was driving to the beach, straight from work on our summer Fridays.  Where did the time go?  Now that the end of a year is creeping up slowly, everyone begins to reflect on the year they had and what can be done differently for the next year ahead. We all get caught up in new years resolutions and changes that can be made, but what we need to focus on is the present moment.  We are our own pilot and we need to make sure that we are directing ourselves in the right direction, having fun, and learning from every experience that comes along.  How we act in the moment, will affect our future.  Take pride in what you do, work hard, and make sure no matter what, you are enjoying yourself.

Let the countdown begin to 2014!

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November 1, 2013


“Do something today, that your future self will thank you for.”

I was on the bus this morning, doing my usual morning Instagram stalking and my friend posted this quote that I absolutely loved!  I found it to be so inspirational and a great way to start off the 1st day of November!  I’ve decided to start my “new year new me” motto a little early.  I am going to start the end of 2013 the right way. Embrace whatever comes at me, good and bad, live with no regrets, and of +course have fun!  Please join in saying, HELLOO November!

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Say What?

October 23, 2013



A study from Oxford reported that laughter produces endorphins.  This is why it is important to get a good laugh in as much as possible!  And honestly, who doesn’t love a good laugh? I was in need of some serious laughter, so I went to my go to guy, Vince Vaughn, to help me out.  I chose an oldie but goodie, Wedding Crashers, to help me out, and needless to say, it did not fail me.  No surprise there, of course.  Between the one liners, the funny dance moves, and their oh so popular “rules of a wedding crasher”, I was crying from laughing so hard.  Remember, Rule # 76:  No Excuses. Play Like a Champion!

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Say What?

October 8, 2013


Say what is a place for us to share, with you, our favorite quotes, movie lines, lyrics, etc.  We are always quoting a movie to one another, spitting out a verse or two from the latest Jay-Z song, or being inspired from the words spoken from some of the greats.  In light of our Paris trip, we though it to be fitting to quote one of our faves, Coco Chanel.  Here at olivia + joy, we eat, sleep, and breathe handags and fashion.  We are always finding new inspirations, picking it who wore it better, and occasionally some online shopping (shhhh).  What we love most about this quote is that it signifies what is most important to us.  Family is our number one.  We are all close with our families and understand the importance of having them in our lives.  They are the best and they are free!  It also touches on our love for all things high-end!  We know our brand names here and we love them.  We sometimes feel bad for our husbands or husbands-to-be, but there’s a price to look good!

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