Weekend Get-A-Way

March 28, 2014


Vacation time is finally here!  I am so excited to leave for Marco Island, Florida tonight!  It is a true girls trip, with my friend and her mother joining me; we will be sipping frozen drinks, lounging in warm clear water, and sun bathing the day away.  I have not been on a vacation in a while, so this will be nice to relax and unwind a little.  I am such a beach bum, I can literally spend all day on the beach and not move.  I have all my beach necessities packed and ready to go !

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Wine Not?

March 23, 2014



Now that the weather is starting to change, and it is getting nicer out (I currently have my finger’s crossed that this snow storm misses us here in the tri-state area), my friends and I have decided this would be a great time to plan a day trip to some Long Island vineyards.  I found a few companies that actually pick you up, feed you with both food and wine, and take you on tours of these vineyards.  It is relatively inexpensive per person and a great way to spend time with your family and friends!

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Bad A**

March 1, 2014


Even though there are many museums and exhibits in NYC, I tend to gravitate towards FIT’s exhibits.  I think they are insightful, interesting, and always so much fun.  The last exhibit I went to at FIT, was on the fashion in the 1930’s, and I really did love it.  This coming exhibit, however, is an exhibit that I am dieing to see, “Beyond Rebellion: Fashioning The Biker Jacket.”  Ask any girl, they will agree, that a leather biker jacket is a MUST HAVE in everyone’s wardrobe.  This exhibit opens March 4th, and is set on my calendar.  This exhibit traces the revolution of the leather biker jacket, from utilitarian times to today’s fashion, being “cool” and “fashionable.”  This exhibit ends April 5, 2014.  I highly suggest anyone in NYC take some time to see such a great exhibit that these students put together.

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I’m Loving My…

February 25, 2014


2014 has become a year of change and transition.  Not only have things changed in my life, but in my friends, and my peers lives as well.  People are  now getting engaged or married, moving, changing jobs, etc.  I recently found out that one of my very close friends is moving to San Diego.  Hopping from the East Coast to the West Coast and looking forward to every moment of it.  It is bitter sweet, being that I could not be more proud and happy for her, yet I don’t want to see my friend go.  Silver lining of it all, I now have a permanent San Diego vacation spot!  Before she leaves I wanted to get her something for her house, something that reminded her of our friendship.  Someone suggested a Fornasetti Candle.  Pricey yes, but a great gift, and definitely meaningful.  I chose the Sole Di Capri scented candle, to remind her of our trip to Capri, and the amazing memories that came with it.  This candle truly captures the authentic sea air and citrus scents of Capri.  The decor of the candle holder is also great, and added the perfect touch to the perfect gift!

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Sleep in Style

February 4, 2014



Being that Fashion Week is creeping up, there will be many out-of-towners that will be traveling to this wonderful city; to party, to see great fashion, to eat great food, and of course sleep in style.  One of the top new hotels in NYC right now is the Refinery Hotel in Midtown.  It is one of Manhattan’s newest boutique hotels, offering you cinematic views and 3,500 sq feet of in-door/out-door space.  They have also created a magical rooftop bar, that is out of this world, and a must see for everyone!

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Winter Weekend Get-A-Way

January 19, 2014


Being a city girl, I love my fast pace life, fun nights out, and the fancy food, but sometimes you have to take a step back and unwind.  I am always searching for fun adventures and cool weekend get-a-ways.  I am usually a warm weather traveler, but this is a new year, and a new me (sort of), and I wanted to go on a winter weekend vaca.  So, I got a group of my girls together  and we made it happen.  I found the, “Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa,” in Lake Placid NY, where we can get away from the crazy city life, unwind, and relax.  It is so gorgeous there and the rooms are awesome.  You have a magical view that completely make you forget about the stresses of real life.  We got to get out and ski, as well as, relax in the spa and unwind.  I would completely recomend this inn for anyone who is looking for a fun, relaxing, quick winter weekend get-a-way.

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Take Me Away

December 18, 2013



I know I said I love this time of year, and I do, but it is getting pretty cold, and I just realized it is not even Winter yet!  I could really use a tropical getaway right about now and I think I found just the place.  Bali, would be my choice for the perfect holiday getaway right now.  Even though it is a bit far fetched, a girl can dream, right??  Right now, I need that sand and the warm weather, with the sun beating down on me.  I swear I can feel the heat now, ahhh.

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Fall In Love

November 26, 2013


A very close friend of mine, is one of the most talented, insightful, and creative people I have ever met.  She sees things differently then the average person, with her gift to open her mind and think outside the box.  Her ability to do so, leads to pictures like you see above.  She took this on one of her runs along the river in New Jersey.  The way she captures the light and that NYC view, is absolutely breath taking, and something I must label as Note Worthy.  It truly captures this time of year at its best.  She is a true artist and I know we all will be seeing great things from her.


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Everything’s Bigger in Texas

November 19, 2013



This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Dallas for a Simply Stylist event, and let’s just say I learned that everything IS bigger in Texas!  The hair, the nails, and even our hotel.  We stayed at Hotel ZaZa, where everything was big and extravagant.  Their presentation, decor, and even their hospitality was great and really made my first Dallas experience a pleasurable one.


They really tried to give you a little bit of everything here.  With their cool furniture, fun art, and playful lighting; every room took you through a different world.  My room was great, but they also have some really exciting themed rooms that cater to many different decors.


My favorite part of Hotel ZaZa was there bar, Dragonfly.  I loved the art, the decor, and the light fixtures were amazing.  The way they played with so many different prints, textures, and colors was very cool to see and I found it very inspiring.  The location was great too.  We were right in-between great bars and restaurants; it gave us a little bit of everything, so we could really experience Dallas to the fullest!

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October 31, 2013


Halloween is finally here!  Where are you celebrating this fun and festive holiday?   There are so many great cities that offer such a variety of things to do, all depending on what you’re in to.  If you like Halloween for the history behind it all, then Salem, Massachusetts or New Orleans are the place for you.  There is so much history in both cities and they really go all to take you on a on a journey, back in time, and see where Halloween began.


If you love Halloween and want something not as Spooky and a little more wholesome, then Chicago or Disney World are great!  Chicago, in general, is always a great city to visit, but they go above and beyond for Halloween, making sure there are activities for all ages with, hay rides, haunted houses, and even zombie runs.  Disney World is is literally another world.  They make sure your Halloween experience is one you will never forget, no matter how young or old you are.


You know we cannot forget about the party animals out there.  If you like Halloween because you get to be the one thing or person you always wanted to be.  If you want to let your freak flag fly and just party it up, then Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and lets not forget NYC, is the place to be!  Between the parades, the parties, and the very cool celeb sitings, you are guaranteed to have great, fun-filled night!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween!!


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