I’m Loving My…

February 25, 2014


2014 has become a year of change and transition.  Not only have things changed in my life, but in my friends, and my peers lives as well.  People are  now getting engaged or married, moving, changing jobs, etc.  I recently found out that one of my very close friends is moving to San Diego.  Hopping from the East Coast to the West Coast and looking forward to every moment of it.  It is bitter sweet, being that I could not be more proud and happy for her, yet I don’t want to see my friend go.  Silver lining of it all, I now have a permanent San Diego vacation spot!  Before she leaves I wanted to get her something for her house, something that reminded her of our friendship.  Someone suggested a Fornasetti Candle.  Pricey yes, but a great gift, and definitely meaningful.  I chose the Sole Di Capri scented candle, to remind her of our trip to Capri, and the amazing memories that came with it.  This candle truly captures the authentic sea air and citrus scents of Capri.  The decor of the candle holder is also great, and added the perfect touch to the perfect gift!

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