Lucky Leftovers

March 18, 2014


Now that the green dust has settled, your pot of gold is gone, and your leprechaun can finally rest,  you are left with some tacky St. Paddy’s day decorations and Irish Soda Bread.  Thanks to Rachel Ray, I won’t have to throw out all my left over loafs!  Unfortunately, I am unable to watch her show everyday, but I keep up with her yummy recipes on her site, Rachel Ray.  I came across her Drunken Irish Soda Bread French Toast, which, lets be honest, sounds as amazing as it tastes.  I made it this morning and it was so delicious, but because I will be in Florida in two weeks, I decided to make it slightly healthier, replacing full eggs with egg whites, Stevia instead of sugar, and almond milk, instead of milk or cream.  You can play around with the recipe to satisfy your taste buds.  Let me know what you did with your left over Irish Soda Bread!

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